Piedmont Chapter Color Guard Events 2019:

January 19 Piedmont Monthly Meeting
January 25-26 GASSAR Annual Meeting
February 8 Elijah Clark Park Celebration
February 9-10 Battle of Kettle Creek events
February 21, 2019 Piedmont Annual Banquet
March 2, Battle of Brier Creek
March 16, Battle of Gilford Courthouse
March 16, Piedmont Monthly Meeting
March 18, City Council Meeting
April 10, Roswell Ramblers, Present Colors
April 20, Piedmont Monthly Meeting
April 27, GASSAR BOM
April 28, 5 Grave Markings, Midway, GA
May 10, Roswell Ramblers, Present Colors
May 18, Piedmont Monthly Meeting
May 23, Present Colors for Roswell Rotary
May 25, Scout Day, Marietta Nat. Cemetery
May 27, Roswell Remembers, Present Colors
June 7, Present Colors for INS Ceremony
June 12, Roswell Ramblers, Present Colors
July 5-10, NSSAR Congress
July 10, Roswell Ramblers, Present Colors
July 12, Present Colors for INS Ceremony
July 20, Piedmont Monthly Meeting
August 3, Old Soldiers Day Parade
August 9, Present Colors for INS Ceremony
August 14, Roswell Ramblers, Present Colors
August 17, Piedmont Monthly Meeting
September 21, Piedmont Monthly Meeting
November 11, Present Colors for GA CPA’s
November 12, Present Colors for Veterans Day
November 16, Piedmont Monthly Meeting
November 20, Roswell Ramblers, Colors
December 4, Liberty Tree Ceremony at Milton
December 11, Roswell Ramblers, Colors
December 13, Present Colors for INS Ceremony
December 14, Wreaths Across America Events
December 20, Present Colors for INS Ceremony
December 21, Piedmont Monthly Meeting


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