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A Georgia Society - Sons of the American Revolution
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Membership in the SAR
If you have an ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783, you would be eligible for membership in the SAR. Read more on our Membership page.

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Our Chapter Publication:   The Piedmont Piper
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Contact Information

2018 Chapter President - Ronald (Ron) W. Redner
(404) 401-0204 | Email Ron Redner

Registrar - James (Jaime) M. Ruff
(404) 428-8040 | Email Jaime Ruff

Piedmont Piper Editor - Frederic (Rick) M. Reese, III
(404) 255-0484 | Email Rick Reese III

Chapter Webmaster - Chuck Rann
(770) 998-7274 | Email Chuck Rann

Refer to the member directory for additional contact information.
A Chapter member in good standing can update his entry in the Member Directory or request a copy of the Directory at a monthly meeting.

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