The Piedmont Chapter
A Georgia Society - Sons of the American Revolution
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About The Piedmont Chapter
The Chapter Founding

Member Directory
A Chapter member in good standing can update his entry in the Member Directory or request a copy of the Directory at a monthly meeting.   Contacts: Registrar Jamie Ruff or Treasurer Craig Benton.

Yearly Dues
The Piedmont Chapter yearly dues are due by December 15th each year. The membership fees are outlined on the Membership page.   Contact: Treasurer Craig Benton.

Here is the form for renewing your membership in 2018:   2018 Piedmont Chapter Dues Form

Elected Members
Piedmont Chapter Presidents
Piedmont Chapter Officers & Committee Chairmen

Chapter Activities
The Piedmont Chapter Color Guard
Grave Dedications
Veterans Program
Youth/Education Programs

Contact Information

President - Rick Reese Jr.
Primary Phone: (847) 778-9235 | Secondary Phone: (678) 404-7886 |
Email Rick Reese

Vice President - Ronald "Ron" Redner
(404) 401-0204 |
Email Ron Redner

Registrar - Jamie Ruff
(404) 428-8040 |
Email Jamie Ruff

Treasurer - Craig Benton
(404) 583-5196 |
Email Craig Benton

Webmaster - Chuck Rann
(678) 773-4721 |
Email Chuck Rann

Refer to the member directory for additional contact information.

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