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Updated: 8/16/2018

The purpose of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Annual Poster Contest is to stimulate interest in the history of the Revolutionary War at the grade level when this period of American History is usually taught in the Georgia public school system. This is a National contest which begins at the Chapter level, with each SAR chapter judging posters from schools in its area to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from each school. Each Chapter then determines an overall Chapter winner to submit to the Georgia Society (GASSAR), which determines 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the state level. Each State then submits its 1st place winner to be judged at the NSSAR Annual National Congress, where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. National winners are determined.

Students who are in the third or fourth grade at a public or private school, or at the equivalent level of Home Schooling may participate.

Guidelines for the Poster Contest are set by the National Society SAR, but the specific topics are determined each year by the Georgia Society SAR Education Committee. This years theme for the 2018 - 2019 school year is "Revolutionary War People" and contestants shall choose one of these individuals for their poster entry:
  • Paul Revere
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Sybil Ludington

The Georgia SAR Source Book

Official rules and guidelines, tips and judging criteria are available online from the Georgia Society - SAR at the following - Click Here for Source Book.  

Look for the following:
  • 27.4.0 Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest
  • 27.4.1 Sons of the American Revolution Poster Contest
  • 27.5.1 GASSAR Elementary School Poster Contest

To qualify and pass the judging process, all entries in the Piedmont Poster Contest must meet the rules and guidelines outlined from the Source Book.

Rules and Guidelines
(Copied from the The Georgia SAR Source Book Poster Contest documentation.)
  • A minimum of 12 posters per school must be submitted for cash prizes to be awarded to winners at the school.
  • Use a standard poster board sizeof 22 inches by 28 inches.
  • Any media of drawing material may be used. Unpublished material (not commercially printed) may be used. Three dimensional posters will not be accepted.
  • The subject conforms to the announced topic. It must show evidence of research. The student may include a brief explanation on the poster concerning any symbols used.
  • Group posters are not allowed. Each poster must be the work of an individual student.
  • All entries must have the following information taped to the back of the poster: Name, Address, Home Phone Number, Age, Grade, Name of teacher, Name of School, Address of school.

TIPS for a Good Poster
  • Display the name of the Topic prominently on the poster.
  • Include some limited text to reflect facts and figures to evidence research on the subject. Posters with "boxed" text tend to present a better appearance than those with no text and those with randomly scattered text.
  • Very basic Internet research often reveals major myths of history to avoid on a given subject.
  • While the American flag is a very proud patriotic symbol, avoid using modern versions of it on the poster and use the correct historical flag for the time period if a flag is used.
  • Limiting the text to a few bulleted items can decrease the opportunity for grammar and spelling errors. Limited pasting of computer-generated text is permitted.
  • Spell out the names. Don't use postal abbreviations, such an NY for New York.
  • Art work giving the appearance that it was obviously not done by the student may be downgraded by the judges. Neatly done original artwork tends to judge better than computer generated illustrations.

Judging Criteria
  • Does the poster express the annual theme?
  • Does the poster show originality by the student?
  • Does the poster show evidence of research?
  • Does the poster show artistic merit and creativity?
  • Does the poster accurately reflect the historical event?
  • Is the poster neat? A creative layout can improve the overall appearance and neatness of the poster.

Poster Contest Awards

Piedmont Chapter Winner 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Cash Prizes and Certificate $50 * $25 $15
  • The Overall Winner from participating schools receives an * additional $75, plus entry in State Society competition.
  • Honorable Mentions receive an SAR Certificate of Participation for participating schools.
  • If the Chapter Overall Winner wins the State competition, they (and parents) receive an invitation to a Chapter Meeting.
  • (Per School) - All ties to be broken. No duplication of monetary awards will be given.

Georgia State Winner 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
Cash Prizes, Ribbon & Certificate $100 $75 $50 $30 $25
  • Deadline/Judging by Georgia Society of chapter winners is April 28th, 2018
  •   * 1st Place State Poster Contest winner gains entry in the National SAR competition.

National Winner 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Cash Prizes and Certificate $200 $150 $100
  • Each state society must email a completed entry form to the NSSAR Americanism Committee Chairman with a copy to the NSSAR Education Director no later than June 1st.
  • The Committee will display all posters at the National Congress following the judging. The Committee will display the top three (3) posters at the NSSAR National Headquarters for one (1) year following the Annual Congress.
  • National Source:
  • National Source:

Contest Deadline & Contact Information
Entries in the Piedmont Poster Contest is the week of March 11th - 15th.
Judging of posters at each school must occur during that week.

Elementary Poster Contest Chairman
Rick Reese Jr.
(847) 778-9235 |

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