Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers in 2023
Saturday January 21, 2023: Entertainer and Coach, Hal Coleman - Topic: "Old Roswell".
Thursday February 23, 2023: GASSAR President David Ludley: Topic: "A George Washington anecdote".
Saturday March 18, 2023: Josh Fuder, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent in Cherokee County, GA: Topic: "Heritage Apple Development and Cultivation in Georgia"
Saturday April 15, 2023: Richard L. Wells, Topic: "The history of the Pilgrims"
Saturday May 20, 2023: Dan O'Lone, Topic: "Spies and Saboteurs: Two American Women of Note "
Saturday July 15, 2023: Rob Ufford, Topic: "Revolutionary War Trivia"

Saturday August 19, 2023: Emil Decker, Topic: "18th Century Medicine"
Saturday September 16, 2023: Carter Wood, Topic: "SAR at the recently completed Scout Jamboree"
Saturday October 21, 2023: Craig Benton, Topic: "Washington's Tomb Guard"
Saturday November 18, 2023: Dr. Sonya Finley, Col. US Army (Ret.), Topic: “An agile force for our uncertain today and tomorrow”
Saturday December 16, 2023: Ron Cowan, Sr. Vice Commander, VFW Post 12002, Topic: "Intro to VFW: Supporting our Deployed Troops During the Holiday Season"

Guest Speakers in 2022
Saturday January 15, 2022. Author Stephen Palmer- Topic: "Revolutionary War Patriot John Stark"
Thursday February 17, 2022. Compatriot Joe Vancura, GASSAR President (2022 to 2023). Topic: "The Challenge of an informed electorate."
Saturday March 19, 2022: Marley Hinrichs - Topic: "Don't forget the Women"
Saturday April 15, 2022: Compatriot Bryan Wampler - Topic: “The Proper Cleaning of Headstones and Markers”
Saturday May 21, 2022: Compatriot Carter Wood: Topic: “The War in Georgia, Reluctant Rebels”
Saturday June 18, 2022: Compatriiot Scott Collins: Topic: “The Colonial Navy”
Saturday August 20, 2022: GASSAR President David Ludley: Topic: “Colonial and Revolutionary Art and Related Patriotic Works”
Saturday September 17, 2022: Gregory Jackson, PhD: Topic: “The Union 2.0: How the Failures of the Articles of Confederation Prepared the Way for the Constitution”
Saturday October 15, 2022: Tom Harnden: Topic: "The Legend of Deacon John Wilson".
Saturday November 11, 2022: Rob Ufford: Topic: "Revolutionary War Spy Techniques".
Saturday December 17, 2022: Terry Manning: Topic: "History of Sanata Claus from 1776"

Guest Speakers in 2021
Saturday January 16, 2021. Compatriot Peter Stoddard - Topic: Lewis Grizzard, "The Dawg that Did not Hunt."
Thursday February 20, 2021. Compatriot David Jessel, GASSAR President (2021 to 2022)- Topic: "A Sea Story"
Saturday March 20, 2021. Piedmont Chapter President Allen Finley - Topic: "Friends of the Library"
Saturday April 17,2021. Compatriot Tom Phlegar - Topic: "Revolutionary War Southern Campagne"
Saturday May 15, 2021. Compatriot Jay Hen - Topic: "Geo. Washington, Mt. Vernon, and the 4th of July"
Saturday June 19, 2021. PG Larry Guzy - Topic: "Thomas Jefferson"
Saturday August 20, 2021. Compatriot Jaime Ruff - Topic: "United States Naval Academy"

Saturday September 18, 2021. Compatriot Rob Ufford - Topic: "Benedict Arnold"
Saturday October 16, 2021. James Walters and Russ Seltenright - Topic: "Wreaths Across America"
Saturday November 20, 2021. Dr. Sonya Finley, Col. US Army (Ret) - Topic: "China"
Saturday November 20, 2021. Kathleen O'Loughlin, Program Mgr. VA Women Veterans - Topic: "State of Women Veterans in Atlanat Area"
Saturday December 18, 2021. Compatriot Bob Sapp - Topic: "The legacy of Valley Forge"


Guest Speakers in 2020
Saturday January 18, 2020. Mary Williams, Regent Martha Stewart Bulloch Chapter DAR- Topic: Women and the Revolutionary War.
Thursday February 20, 2020. Compatriot William B. Dobbs, II, GASSAR President (2020 to 2021)- Topic: Georgia Society Outlook and Forward look to 2022 Congress.
Saturday March 21, 2020 Meeting cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic.
Saturday April 1, 2020 online Zoom meeting with historic Revolutionary War Video - Topic: "The Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge".
Saturday May 16, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Comaptriot Gerald Breed - Topic: The Battle of Allamance, NC, May 16, 1771.
Saturday June 20, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Compatriot Mark Anthony - Topic Colonial America and Flag History
Staurday July 18, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Compatriot Peter Stoddard - Topic: Captain Nathan Stoddard & Fort Mifflin
Saturday August 15, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Compatriot Bill Goodman - Topic: The American Revolution in SC, The Second Revolution
Saturday September 19, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Denise Holmes - Topic: The Atlanta Veterans Hospital.
Saturday October 17, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Compatriot Gary Page - Topic The Bedford Flag
Saturday November 21, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Dr. Sonya Finley, Col.(Ret) US Army - Topic: Honoring Those That Serve
Saturday December 19, 2020 online Zoom meeting, Compatriot Rick Reese, Jr. - Topic: The Brockett Cabin


Guest Speakers in 2019
Saturday January 19, 2019. Compatriot Paul Prescott - Topic: The Traveling Trunk
Thursday February 21, 2019. Compatriot Larry Guzy - Topic: The 25 year History of the Piedmont Chapter
Saturday March 16, 2019. Compatriot Allen Greenly - Topic: The 14th Colony
Saturday April 20, 2019. GASSAR President Scott Collins - Topic: Midway, GA
Saturday May 18, 2019. Compatriot Ed Rigel, Sr.- Topic: George Washington, The Early Days
Saturday July 20, 2019. Compatriot Bill Palmer - Topic: The Battle of Oriskany, NY
Saturday August 17, 2019. Steve Morrison - Topic: The Seige of Savannah
Saturday September 21, 2019. Compatriot Terry Manning - Topic: James Edward Oglethorpe
Saturday October 19, 2019. Compatriot Tom Price - Topic: Physician Leaders at Oure Founding
Saturday November 16, 2019. Dr. Sonya Finley, Col. U. S. Army (Ret.) - Topic: Veterans and Services Rendered
Saturday December 21, 2019. Compatriots Bob Sapp and George Thurmond - Topic: 10 Critical Days in December

Guest Speakers in 2018
Saturday January 20, 2018. GA Rep. Betty Price - Topic: The Separation of Church and State
Saturday February 17, 2018. Linda Bhame - Topic: The Family of George Washington
Saturday March 17, 2018. John J. Scroggin - Topic: Tax History and Humor
Saturday April 21, 2018. Gene Beckham - Topic: Honor Air
Saturday May 19, 2018. George Wheeless - Topic: Charles Carroll, last signer of the Dec. of Independence
Saturday July 21, 2018. Terry Manning - Topic: 25 things not known about George Washington
Saturday August 18, 2018. Henry Bishop - Topic: Antique Rifles
Saturday September 13, 2018. GASSAR President Don Burdick - Topic: The Ride of Paul Revere
Saturday October 20, 2018. Emil Decker - Topic: Battle of King's Mountain
Saturday November 17, 2018. Carter J. Wood - Topic: Active Operation in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Saturday December 15, 2018. John Wassell - Topic: Rear Admiral Dr. Corydon McAlmont Wassell

Guest Speakers in 2017
Saturday January 21, 2017. Bob Sapp - Topic: Dr. Joseph Warren of Boston
Saturday February 18, 2017. Wayne Brown ~ President GASSAR. Topic: John Glover, Revolutionary Hero
Saturday March 18, 2017. Hal Coleman - Topic: The History of Roswell, GA
Saturday April 15, 2017. George Thurmond - Topic: Thomas Sumter ~ American Revolutionary War Hero
Saturday May 20, 2017. Michael Martin - Topic: His ancestor Peter Strozier
Saturday July 15, 2017. Judge Maurice H. Hilliard, Jr. - Topic: The Early Days of Law - How Laws Became Laws in the United States
Saturday August 19, 2017. Jim McIntire - Topic: "Sounds of Home"
Saturday September 16, 2017. Senator John Albers - Topic: Our National Anthem
Saturday October 21, 2017. Hank Freedman - Topic: Military Highlights and Spiritual Experience from WWII
Saturday November 18, 2017. Bill Kabel - Topic: The Purple Heart Medal
Saturday December 16, 2017. Hank Freedman - Topic: Military Highlights from WWII

Guest Speakers in 2016
Saturday January 16, 2016. Tom Chrisman - Topic: Genealogy
Saturday February 20, 2016. Larry Guzy - Topic: Where to Now_We are not done yet
Saturday March 19, 2016. George Thurmond - Topic: Carolina Day
Saturday April 16, 2016. Gail Jennings - Topic: The Navajo Code Talkers of WWII
Saturday May 21, 2016. GASSAR President Allen Greenly - Topic: "The Life of a Patriot"
Saturday July 16, 2016. Paulette Snoby - Topic: "American Medical Care during the American Revolution through the Civil War"
Saturday August 20, 2016. Rick Reese Jr. - Topic: "The Reconstruction of Captain William Ebenezer Brockett's Home"
Saturday September 17, 2016. Michael McKenzie - Topic: "The 'New' Fire Science and its Impact on the Innocent"
Saturday October 15, 2016. David Bessho - Topic: David will talk about Army civil affairs operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Saturday November 19, 2016. Colonel Carey E. Cole - Topic: A Generation of Leadership, the U.S. Army
Saturday December 17, 2016. Dave Thomas - Topic: An overview of the volunteer program at Chattahoochee River NRA

Guest Speakers in 2015
Saturday January 17, 2015. Chris Cooper - Topic: "Strokes, Awareness and Response"
Saturday February 28, 2015. Donna C. Rowe - Topic: Her experience at the 3rd Field Hospital Triage during the Vietnam War
Saturday March 21, 2015. Paula Nelson - Topic: The Martha Stewart Bulloch DAR Society
Saturday April 18, 2015. Lt. Col. (Ret) Jonathan B. Nepute - Topic: The JROTC Program
Saturday May 16, 2015. Bob Sapp - Topic: The SAR Insignia & Award Medals
Saturday July 18, 2015. GASSAR President, Thomas M. Owen - Topic: The Georgia Society
Saturday July 18, 2015. Terry Manning - Topic: "Martha Washington - A Brief Biography"
Saturday August 15, 2015. Robert C. Jones - Topic: "The Revolutionary War in Georgia and South Carolina"
Saturday September 19, 2015. The Honorable T. Jackson Bedford - Topic: His patriot ancestor
Saturday November 21, 2015. Carter Wood - Topic: Origination and Importance of Armistice Day
Saturday December 19, 2015. Terry Manning - Topic: "The History of Santa Claus"



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