Our Chapter Color Guard:

The Piedmont Chapter Color Guard is the most visible public face of the Piedmont Chapter.Color Guardsmen provide an easily identifiable and colorful focal point at educational, historical and patriotic events, as well as parades,awards ceremonies, flag retirements, community and memorial activities. The variety of uniforms and flags invite children, spectators, participants,and potential members to come forward to ask questions about the American Revolution, the Sons of the American Revolution, and the Piedmont Chapter.

The Piedmont Chapter Color Guard is made up of those Compatriots who regularly attend SAR meetings and eventsuniformed as Continental Soldiers, Militiamen, or Kilted. Members have taken extreme care for their uniforms and equipment to be as historicallycorrect as possible so as not to compromise the spirit of the Revolutionary era. Several members of the Color Guard also participate in theChapter's Speakers Bureau and give presentations to school and community groups while in their Color Guard uniform.

Some members of the Color Guard are Black Powder (BP) participants who fire their muskets at special events,and are also members of the Georgia Society's elite Elijah Clarke Militia.



For additional information please contact:

Color Guard Committee Chairman
John Wassell (904) 612-7134 | Email

Piedmont Chapter Deceased Members:
* Denotes grave marked

Lytton Glynn Acree, Jr. *
William F. Aimone *
Sion D. Bass
Robert W. Bauchspies *
Carl Bhame *
Wallace W. Boyce, Jr. *
Donald Marvin Harvey Breed *
Robert J. Buck *
F. C. (Hap) Chandler *
James R. Colvin *
Victor Crist
Frank H. Darwin, Jr. *
Jack Ferguson *
Charles Hendry *
Thomas Holcomb *
Billy Gene Holcomb *
Jon P. Liviaditis *
Jack McConnell Martin *
Lawrence Maurer, Jr. *
Murray McAfee *
William S. McAlley *
Don McClanahan *
Gaston C. McIntire *
Harold McPheeters
Donald Glen Merritt *
William Dale Miller
John Campbell Millican *
Aubrey R. Morris *
Paul Grady Moss, Jr. *
Robert Roland Parker *
Scott Askew Ray *
Richard Lee "Rick" Redner *
Paul C. Simpson *
Paul Vonley Starkey *
Edgar B. Sterrett
Howard Carl Tanner *
Richard W. Titus *
Robert Lee Walker
William K. Willlie Walker *
James Francis "Frank" White
William S. "Bill" Winn *
Trevor Woodbury

Veterans Program:

As descendants of our country's very first veterans,the members of Piedmont Chapter are committed and actively involved in serving those who have served us.The Chapter is honored to be just one of three in the Georgia Society to have representation on the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center's(VAMC) Voluntary Services Council, and that representation has been headed by a Piedmont member the past three years. Piedmont Chapter is also proud to haveone of its members serve as the Georgia Society Veterans Committee Chairman, and on the Atlanta Veterans Advisory Board.

Recognition for chapters providing exemplary service to veterans is provided by a number of NSSAR programs. The USS STARK Memorial Award was createdin 1988 to memorialize those brave men and women who continue to stand at the forefront to preserve the freedoms our patriotic ancestors fought so longand hard to achieve. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding Chapters for their overall effectiveness in serving our nation's veterans. The Piedmont Chapterwas recognized nationally by being awarded the USS Stark Memorial Award by the NSSAR in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. In 2012, 2013,and 2014 the Piedmont Chapter was the leading Chapter in the Georgia Society and was awarded the Society's Brigadier General Robert L. Scott, Jr. Veterans Award.

The NSSAR's William C. Westmoreland Award is awarded annually to one SAR member for his service to veterans. A Piedmont member was the very first recipientof that award in 1996. The Service to Veterans Medal can be awarded to SAR members who make significant contributions within their Chapter's veterans program.Since the Chapter's founding in 1994, there have been 26 Piedmont members awarded the Service to Veterans Medal, and there have been an additional20 Oak Leaf Clusters presented for that medal.

A number of Piedmont members are veterans and they have been awarded either a SAR Military Service Medal, or a War Service Medal for their service to our country.In addition, those who served in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War , and the Persian Gulf War have been presented a SAR Certificate of Patriotism for serving in the Armed Forces of our country in an armed conflict.

Members of the Piedmont Chapter have been generous and caring in their support of veterans. In 2012 when it was learned that the Atlanta VAMC issuesa pair of socks to newly admitted patients and to homeless veterans the Chapter responded by establishing its "SAR Socks for Vets" program.Since 2012 the Piedmont Chapter has donated to the Atlanta VAMC over 4,500 pairs of socks. The Chapter has also donated 2,500 books and magazines,and over 2,600 personal care items, in addition to a significant number of member volunteer hours. We encourage our members to donate the above itemsat our monthly chapter meetings, and to volunteer their time to VA hospitals or other VA approved Volunteer Services activities.

Chapter members, along with members of the Chapter's Color Guard, have made presentations of its "A Revolutionary Christmas" program and a special"Constitution Day" program to the patients at the VA's Nursing Home. Framed copies of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitutionwere presented to the VAMC and to the VA Regional Office for public display. SAR Flag Certificates were also awarded to the VAMC and the VA Regional Officefor their proper displaying of the American Flag.

The Chapter's annual November chapter meeting is proclaimed, "A Salute to Veterans" with special presentations, awards, and guest speakers.The 2014 "Salute" featured Guest Speaker Thomas Grace, Associate Director of the Atlanta VA Medical Center. In 2013 a special presentationof the prestigious SAR "Outstanding Citizenship Award" was made to the Delta Air Lines Honor Guard and its members for its honoring of our nation's Fallen Heroesas they pass through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on the way to their final resting place.

The Piedmont Chapter's commitment to serving and honoring our nation's veterans is given a high priority and we are proud of our success in maintainingand expanding that commitment.

Download Veteran's Activity Report (PDF)

Please complete this Report frequently and submit to the Veterans Committee Chairman.Your reporting of your activities is crucial for the Chapter to receive proper credit for the USS Stark Award.

Veterans Chairman
Rob Ufford (404) 247-1328 | Email

Grave Dedications:

Graves Chairman
Steve Morrison (770) 235-5846 | Email

Piedmont Member & Georgia Society Graves Marked

2001 William Winn, III
2004 Lawrence W. Maurer, Jr.
2005 Paul Vonley Starkey
2006 William F. "Bill" Aimone
2006 James R. "Jake" Colvin
2006 Frank H. Darwin, Jr.
2006 Jack McConnell Martin
2006 John "Jack" Millican
2006 Richard W. Titus
2007 James C. McLeroy
2007 William C. McAliley
2007 Robert W. Bauchspies
2009 William K. "Willie" Walker (TX)
2010 Robert Jepherson Buck
2010 Jon Paul (J. P.). Livaditis
2011 Paul Grady Moss Jr.
2011 Aubrey Morris
2011 Gaston C. McIntire
2011 Paul C. Simpson
2011 Wallace W. Boyce, Jr.
2013 Murray McAfee
2013 Robert Roland Parker
2014 Thomas R. Holcombe
2014 Charles H. Hendry
2015 Garnett Lane "Jack" Ferguson, Jr.
March 11 2017 Howard Carl Tanner
May 21 2017 Carl Bhame
May 21 2017 Donald Breed
May 21 2017 F. C. (Hap) Chandler
Sept 22,2018 Billy Gene Holcomb

May 4, 2019 Scott Askew Ray
June 21, 2019 Donald Glen Merritt
July 16, 2019 Lytton Glynn Acree, Jr.

April 30, 2022 Donald Crawford McClanahan





Revolutionary War Grave Stones Installed

2008 Colonel John T. Graves (VA)
2008 Private Gannaway Martin (VA)
2008 Private John Trice II (VA)
2008 Private John Booth (VA)
2008 Private James Gibson II (NC)
2008 Private Anthony Crumbley (GA)
2009 Corporal Robert Moseley, Sr. (SC)

Revolutionary War Grave Dedications

1998 Captain Isham Hendon (GA)
1998 Private William Gilbert (NC Militia)
1998 Private James Adams (SC)
1999 Colonel James McNeil (GA Troops)
1999 Private John Hayes (NC)
1999 Colonel John Moffett (SC Militia)
1999 Sergeant Daniel Fones (RI)
1999 Private Edward Lavell (Continential Line)
1999 Private Peter Cash (VA. Troops)
1999 Private Graner Whitley (Continential)
1999 Captain John Collins (SC)
1999 Private John Biffle (NC)
1999 Private Joseph Emanuel Lyon (SC)
2000 Lieutenant William Reeve (SC)
2000 Private Joel Chandler (SC)
2000 Private William Gunnell (SC)
2000 Private James Hooper (SC)
2001 Private Jennings Hulsey (SC)
2001 Private James McConnell Montgomery (SC)
2001 Private John LeGrand (VA)
2001 Private Lewis Stowers (VA)
2002 Sergeant George Norwood (NC Militia)
2002 Private William Sewell (GA Militia)
2003 Robert Colquitt (VA)
2003 John Colquitt (VA)
2003 James Wales Colquitt (VA)
2003 John B. Williams (VA)
2003 Reuben Smith (NC)
2004 Reuben McLeroy (NC)
2004 Charles Baker (NC)
2004 William Dunaway (VA)
2004 * Private John Maxwell (GA) Marker stolen in
1994. Re-dedication held 2004.
2005 None
2006 Private Thomas Butler (ME)
2006 Private Nathaniel Butler (ME)
2007 Private William Daniell (NC)
2007 Private John Stroud (NC)
2007 Private Stephen Crow (NC)
2007 Private Jordan Holcombe (NS)
2008 Private Jeremiah Lumsden (VA)
2008 Leonard Klutz (PA)
2008 Jacob Deal (Diehl) (NC)
2009 Major John Lewis (VA)
2009 Private Jonathan Ogden (MD)
2009 Major Isaac Hite, Jr. (VA)
2009 Jacob Chrisman, II (VA)
2009 Private Benjamin Wofford (GA)
2010 Seth John Pierce (NC)
2011 Lt. William Coggin (SC)
2012 Private William Peeples (NC)
2012 Private William Suttles (VA)
2013 None
2014 None
2015 None
2016 None
April 30, 2017 Nathaniel Baker (SC)
October 14, 2017 Roswell King (GA)
April 9, 2022 John Clark, John Hames, and George Bradford (GA) sponsored by Captain John Collins, Piedmont, and Button Gwinnett Chapters
April 30, 2022 Joseph Breed (GA) sponsored by Piedmont and LaGrange Chapters

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